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How Toxic are your Home & Cosmetics Products?

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

What you need to know about your home and cosmetic products - never fear there is a better way!

How Toxic is Your Home & your Cosmetic Products?

A few years ago switching to non-toxic products was on my to-do list – somewhere between finishing a Netflix series and getting rid of old clothes, it seemed to always be the old ‘I’ll get onto that tomorrow’ scenario. This was until I began to study and learn about the effects that all of these chemicals and toxins are wrecking on my body every single day.

With a bit of fear instilled in me I went on mission to get rid of all of those nasty products and replace them with non-toxic alternatives (which is much easier than you ever thought) and don’t worry – you’ll still be able to have divine smelling & effective products.

So what is a toxic substance?

A toxic substance is a substance that can be poisonous or cause health effects. ...Products that we use daily, such as household cleaners, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, gasoline, alcohol, pesticides, fuel oil and cosmetics, can also be toxic. Any chemical can be toxic or harmful under certain conditions.

Why are they an issue?

Your skin is your biggest organ and absorbs whatever is put on it in 10seconds, which is then directly carried through your bloodstream to wreak havoc on your body – EEK!

Below are just a few of the facts on toxins (the tip of the toxic iceberg)

  • There are over 77,000 man-made chemicals in products, sprayed on our food etc - of which only about 2% have been tested for the effects on humans

  • The E.U. has banned around 1400 ingredients from personal care products, and the U.S. has banned a measly 30 (where most of our products come from)

  • Toxins interfere with hormones and cause imbalances

  • Toxins damage DNA which increase the rate of aging and degeneration

  • Toxins damage the organs

  • Many toxins are carcinogenic

  • Toxins play a role in fertility

  • Toxins play a role in mood disorders & a lot more!

Where to from here?

Grab a few of the house hold and cosmetic products you use and check out what they are really made of and the effects they may be having on you and your family over at and start to replace them (only if you choose to of course)

A few switches you can make today


Home Cleaning Products

Make up

Reusable drink bottle

Here’s a few good places to start looking for some alternatives

Oh Natural – A new Zealand based online business with a great range of environmentally friendly & kind to your body products

Goop Clean Beauty – A must have clean living bible

Recipes for all sorts of home products + cosmetics

Want more information or have suggestions? Let me know!

Nicole x

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