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Pilates: How to get started

There's something for every age, budget and schedule!

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How could Pilates benefit you?

There are endless benefits to practicing Pilates and one of the best things about Pilates is that you can be challenged or reap these benefits at any age. If you're interested at all in reading the science to back this up you can d so here, otherwise I've done the reading and research and complied it for you below!

Benefits or a regular Pilates practice:

  • Improve muscle tone & overall strength (improved BMI)

  • Improved pelvic floor strength + stability

  • Safe & effective rehabilitation

  • Increased flexibility

  • Decreases back pain

  • Improve/enhance sex drive (especially for males)

  • Improved posture

  • Improved balance

How to get started with Pilates

It's your practice and it can be done your way - In a studio or at home, group classes or private lessons, with or without props. There is always something to fit every schedule and budget.

Private Pilates Lessons

PROS: You are getting exactly what your body needs. It's a full hour with a trained professional where you'll be given specific exercises tailored to your body so you can reach your goals.

CONS: The only downside to private lessons is the cost. Private lessons are more expensive than a group lesson for sure. After all, you are spending time with an educated teacher who is giving you, their full attention for an hour. Teaching apparatus work (such as the reformer/tower/cadillac/chair) requires comprehensive training and knowledge. You’re not only paying for the hour but rather, years of study and experience.

Group Classes

PROS: They are super affordable, they offer a fun group environment and there's usually a bunch of times they run to suit most schedules.

CONS: You're not getting one on one attention so it's important that you listen properly and are aware of cues so that you can perform movements correctly.

At home Pilates

PROS: The beauty of at home Pilates is that it fits your schedule whether you have 15mins or an hour! It is also a more affordable way to to do Pilates if paying for studio classes isn't quite within your budget at the moment.

CONS: You don't have someone there watching you so you have to be aware of your own body to ensure your alignment is correct (you can practice in front of a mirror to help with this). Because it's at home sometimes we lack the motivation to give our practice our full effort which is where groups or privates can be great!

How to get the most out of your Pilates Practice

I recommend -

  1. Schedule a few private Pilates sessions with one of our trained teachers, so that you can get a full-body scan of your imbalances, figure out what you need to work on, and what modifications are best for you. This way you'll get used to the cues, equipment and not spend half of the class worrying if you’ve got it right.

  2. Depending on your budget, maintaining a private lesson as often as possible (that might be once a week,fortnight or month) around your group lessons means you can keep things in check and continue to make good progress.

  3. For best results aim for 2 - 3 pilates sessions a week, whether in studio or at home.

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