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Full Body Pilates Routine

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

When you're short on time but want to work the whole body. Repeat the below workout 3 -4 times right in the comfort of your home.

Spring Studio Roll Down

Roll Down: Stretch

5 repetitions

Feet hip-width apart, stand tall and take an inhale. As you exhale drop your chin to your chest and roll down one vertebra at a time. Inhale to hold at the bottom and then exhale to roll back up, restacking your spine one vertebra at a time.

Spring Studio Pilates

Bird Dog: Full body/Core control

6-8 each side

Start in an All 4's position with you hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Draw your tummy button to your spine to engage your deep abdominals. Inhale to reach opposite arm and leg long and exhale to slowly come back to your start position. Alternate sides.

Challenge - keep the feet slightly hovered off the ground (only knees touching the ground) and do the same movement with control.

Spring Studio Pilates

Chest Lift: Abdominals

12 repetitions

Lying on your back, feet hip-width, neutral pelvis and spine. Interlace your hands behind your head, exhale to lift your head and chest up, maintaining the neutral position of the pelvis (lower back shouldn't imprint). Inhale to hold at the top and then exhale to lower down with control.

Spring Studio Pilates bridge

Single-Leg Bridge: Hamstrings + Gluteals

10 - 12 repetitions each side

Start lying on your back, feet hip-width apart and arms beside your hips. Stretch one leg up towards the ceiling, exhale to roll the bottom and spine up off the mat one vertebra at a time. Inhale to roll back down. Repeat. Switch to the other leg after you've completed one side.

Challenge - Have the heel lifted

Extra challenge - Add 10 pulses before you switch to the other leg

Spring Studio Pilates Abs

Criss Cross: Abdominals

8-12 each side

Start with your legs in tabletop and hands interlaced behind your head. Lift your head and chest up, exhale to reach one leg long and rotate your shoulder to your opposite knee (not your elbow). Inhale to come back to centre and exhale to switch to the other side. Keep it slow and controlled, your hips should not rock and roll.

Spring Studio Plank

High Plank: Full body

Hold for 1min

Hands under shoulders and either lifted to a high plank or you can have you knees down for an easier variation. Your spine should be straight and strong with the tummy button drawing in towards your spine for core stability.

Challenge - slowly lift and lower one leg with control, alternate and repeat for 1 minute.

Spring Studio Pilates

Knee Hinge: Thighs

8-12 repetitions

Kneeling with knees hip-width apart, gently tuck your tailbone (without squeezing your bottom) and reach arms out in front. Inhale to hinge from the knees to start to lean back (it's important to keep the abdominals engaged and the spine straight and strong) exhale to come back to your upright start position. Repeat.

Challenge - once you've hinged back, pause and raise both arms up 45degrees, lower and return to your start position. Repeat for each repetition

For more of this book into a class at the studio here

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