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My Top Daily Habits

There is always a new trend hitting social media and giving you one more thing to feel like you 'should' be doing and don't get me wrong, I love a good wellness trend but I truely believe it's about finding what is right for YOU!

Without giving you more things you feel you need to add to your daily life I hope this serves as more of a guide for you think about the things that you want to include in your day to day life

Each day I make sure I:

1. Fuel my body

2. Move my body

3. Feed my soul

4. Feed my mind

5. Connect

What does this look like?

Fuel my body

nourishing whole foods - I like to start my day with a smoothie packed full of antioxidant berries and spinach.

water - first thing every morning I have warm lemon water with a pinch of good quality salt to hydrate and wake up my digestive system. I make sure to drink plenty of filtered water throughout the day.

sleep - good quality 8 hours of sleep every night is an absolute must for me.

Move my body

Active days - I listen to my body and see what it needs whether that be pilates, a run, HIIT style training, weights etc.

Rest days - these are vital to have and I like to do gentle stretching, yoga or a nice easy walk or sometimes nothing at all.

Feed my soul

Smile - I make sure to do one thing a day that is for the pure fact of making me happy which will look different for everyone. Personally I love to cook and bake so that is often what it is but it can also be calling a friend for a chat, reading, swimming or listening to some of my favourite music.

Feed my mind

Learn - there is so many amazing things to learn that help us grow and become the best version of ourselves, which again will look different for each person. Personally, I love to study natural health & wellness, listen to podcasts & read.

Meditate - I like to ground myself and my mind each morning with a brief meditation using the Insight Timer App. This is usually between 2- 10mins. Meditation has been game changer for me.


Loved one's - Putting phones and technology aside in the evening so we can chat and enjoy a meal together is a super important one for me. In an age of technology it's so nice to go back to real connection of just talking and being in someone's company.

Friends - whether I catch up with a friend, send a quick message or get on the phone and have a good chat...making time for friends is definitely a top priority.

Nature - getting outside everyday (even just for a few minutes). There is something about walking barefoot on the beach that I just love, or somedays it's eating my lunch in the sun or going for a walk.

Hopefully this has got you thinking about what you want to include in your day to day, and remember these things don't need take long at all and you don't need to add a million things to your day... whatever you can and want to do is perfect!

Nicole x

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